Happy New Year!

By now, you've closed out all of your 2015 year-end work. You're starting fresh with lofty 2016 sales goals, right?

To help you prepare for 2016, we've assembled a collection of some of our best tools, reports, and articles.

These tips and insights will give you a jump start on aligning your marketing and sales teams' efforts into a single revenue machine - and help you crush your 2016 quota.

How Many Leads Do You Really Need?

What's the best method for determining how many leads you actually need? We've constructed a worksheet, infographic, and whitepaper to help you answer that important question.

In this whitepaper and infographic, we explore:

  • Definitions of a 'sales lead'
  • The demand generation waterfall model
  • Formulas for determining how many leads you really need to meet your revenue goals




The Million Dollar Appointment Setting eBook

Take it from the experts who have been doing it for over twenty years, appointment setting can be difficult. Through our decades of experience, we have developed techniques and methodologies that we now share with you. The information in this eBook is actionable and can inevitably contribute to your top-of-the-funnel production and your bottom line.




7 Killer B2B Sales and Marketing Infographics

SalesStaff has created a number of infographics and made them all available to you in one nice, neat bundle.

The infographic bundle includes:

  • Anatomy of a Successful B2B Email
  • What's the Difference Between a Prospector and a Closer?
  • How Many Leads Do You Really Need?
  • Getting to the Right Prospects
  • Targeting Your Ideal Prospect Profile
  • Why You Should Combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • All Sales Leads are not Created Equal


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