Selected Portfolio

I led a team of marketers and other professionals that developed the operational aspects of OutBound360, a new SalesStaff product. We engineered methods and processes for delivering multi-channel marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients. I supervised the creation and deployment of all marketing efforts, including email marketing campaigns designed to educate and generate leads among our prospects and existing clients.

Given a wire frame and copy, I coded this website using the Skeleton CSS framework. Its layout is fluid and responsive.

I participated in the process of bringing this product to market including the supervision of the marketing team.

I personally developed this website, heavily modifying a WordPress theme and adding several PHP and jQuery-based features to optimize user experience and lead generation efforts. I created it to be functional and appealing on all screen sizes.

No longer actively updated, but still very popular, I created this open source Firefox extension to help marketers with search engine optimization tasks. Using the toolbar or right-clicking on page elements allows users to research and analyze many factors that contribute to SEO performance.

Some supporting tools are hosted on my related website,

This is an example of the webinars the SalesStaff marketing team produced circa 2015. I led the team responsible for driving registrations, attendance, and post-webinar marketing activities.

I also assisted with scheduling, messaging, deliverables, production, and technical coordination of the tools required for presenting these webinars.

This email was sent to SalesStaff prospects in Q1, 2016. I directed all aspects of these campaigns including copy, offers, and target segments.

I also personally coded the HTML for these emails.

I adapted a static HTML template called Emerald 2 for the GetSimple CMS. It was originally a fixed-width design - I made it fluid and responsive using the Skeleton CSS framework.

I shared it with the GetSimple CMS community, where it is available for download.

I participated in design reviews, personally handled all web development tasks, and administered supporting servers during a company-wide rebranding effort. I developed many custom features for this site based on Roots Sage and WordPress, including a cookie-based system for passing lead source attribution data through Gravity Forms to Salesforce.

I supervised the messaging for the rebranding announcement campaign as well as its distribution. I coordinated with other departments to identify collateral, forms, documentation, and processes that needed updating to reflect the new branding.

I supervised the vendors responsible for the logo design, web design, and development. I developed extensions to the e-commerce functionality of this site using WooCommerce.

I was responsible for the ongoing maintenance and marketing of this business unit, including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and paid search.

Last modified November 1st, 2017